It was a little over a year ago that I decided I needed a hoop wreath in my life, and it turns out many of you did, too, because my post on that wreath was one of my most popular of the year!  (Click here for the original how-to.)  Now, I’ve decided I really wanted a mini version for my front door chalkboard, and it was so easy, it was done in five minutes!



If you know you need one now, too, here’s the quick how-to!

For supplies, you’ll need an embroidery hoop (I used a 12-inch for this one, but just choose the size you want!)

You’ll also need the stems to attach.  I used 2 stems of greenery and 2 small ranunculus stems.



You’ll also need some floral wire and wire cutters…






To start, just separate the hoop and use only one of the pieces.  (You can use the other piece for another wreath!)  Then, cut the stems down to the length you want and secure them to the hoop with a little wire.





Then, take the next stem and layer it slightly over the first, and wire it on.  Snip off a small sprig to reserve for the last piece.



Use the small sprig to cover the end of the second stem.  I wired mine on end-to-end so that the tip faces upward like the first stem.



After that, just add the blooms!  I didn’t even need to use wire for these, I just wrapped the wired stem around the hoop.




And that’s it!  You can add words like I did on my original wreath, or leave it plain.



Since I always like a chalkboard by my front door, I added one to the wreath!



It’s exactly what I wanted!  And since I’m currently just using my basic boxwood wreaths on the doors (now with heart banners for Valentine’s Day),  this hoop wreath adds a pop of fun without being too busy.


I hope you like this wreath as much as I do!  It’s so quick, it leaves you plenty of time to make one for a friend!

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