This post is long overdue, as so many of you have asked me this question since the first wreath tutorial I posted way back when.

How do I hang my wreaths?

Very simply– I loop a long ribbon through the wreath and then attach it to the top of my door using the magic of velcro! Click here for a fabulous deal on the type I use.

My husband was actually the one who came up with this genius idea (thanks, Honey!). Before, I was stapling the ribbon to the top of the door each time and, even though it worked, I didn’t like putting staples into the wood over and over again.

So now we have a strip of velcro on the top of the door. The adhesive on the back of the velcro holds it securely in place.

And when I change the wreaths, I sew or staple the opposite piece of velcro to the ends of the ribbon that’s holding my wreath.

Then I can hang it by just sticking it to the velcro on the top of the door.

(No, it’s not the prettiest picture, but thankfully no one is tall enough to see the top of the door!)

I’ve been using this method for the past several months and the velcro has worked like a charm. And best of all, there’s no damage to the doors! Plus, this idea will work for all types of doors.

Try it out! I think you’ll love it, too. Find the tutorial for these fall wreaths by clicking here.

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