As you know, I’m all about Valentine’s Day in this house, and I’ve now hosted many years of our traditional family Valentine’s dinner and a few brunches as well, but until this year, I had never hosted an actual “Galentine’s” party.  And it almost didn’t get to happen with the sickness taking over up until a couple days before and then a deluge of rain on the party day, but— apparently if you have pizza and chocolate, they will come!

I transformed the dining room into a pink party central and even with mostly paper decorations, the girls seemed to be dazzled.  I had several 9th grade girls from our church youth group, many of whom I’m just getting to know, and they were the perfect little party guests.




It’s always the most fun to me when the guests really have fun, and these girls were so appreciative and complimentary that I felt like they really enjoyed it.





I just ordered heart-shaped pizzas from a place in town and provided plenty of desserts and snacks, along with my hot cocoa bar, and the menu was done.




After they ate and played a game, we cleared the dining table and made a cute craft, which I’ll share a little later!  Meanwhile, our regularly scheduled big annual steak dinner with the fam which was supposed to be tonight, is going to have to be postponed as my actual Valentine is in bed with what seems to be the flu!  (Prayers for him appreciated!)  I’m sanitizing this house like a mad woman, so I’ve gotta go!  Hope your Valentine and Galentine parties are all a success!