I really can’t believe it’s been 4 years since I made my favorite green wreaths and told you about them here. I’ve been using them for several seasons now and always loved them, but when I got them out after Christmas, I noticed they were getting a little crumbly and brittle and I think they had seen their best days, so I had to go with a re-vamp.

And just like the first ones, these were a breeze to make. I didn’t even take the wreaths off the door for the makeover. Of course, that was just to prove to you how easy it was and not because I was just to lazy to take them down… Ahemm.

Since the greenery bushes I originally used are no longer available at Hobby Lobby, I went with a different variety, which looks a lot like a laurel to me.

It took 5 bushes to make my 2 large wreaths. If you’re doing just one, you’ll need 2 or 3, depending on the size of your wreath and how full you want it.

After I pulled out all the old greenery on mine, I had a nice plain grapevine wreath once again.

So, I just took my wire cutters, cut all the stems off of the bushes, and just stuck them in the wreath.

The key is to keep the stems going in the same direction all around, overlapping as you go, and making sure the stems are stuck in far enough to hold.

Once you’ve arranged all the stems, take a step back to see if your wreath has any gaps, and rearrange if necessary.

That’s pretty much it! No glue, no wiring, and no special skills required. And your doors will have a great look to last through anyseason.

Don’t forget to hang your wreaths using my no-damage-to-the-door method I posted about here.

And be sure to buy your greenery on a 50% off week at Hobby Lobby to save you even more!

Can’t wait to see how yoursturn out!