Keeping up with home decor trends can be a little overwhelming and sometimes really expensive, so I’ve recently been sharing ways to incorporate a few trends into your home without major renovations and the costs that go with them!  If you missed Parts One and Two of this little series, you can find them by clicking here and here.  But, keep this in mind as we discuss current trends– just like I’ve always expressed here on this blog, only use trends if they make your home feel like home to you!  These are by no means rules that make your home right or wrong.  The beauty in home-making is that you choose what makes it home for you and your family.  Take what you love from this and leave the rest!  And if you’re searching for ways to use the trends you’ve seen or heard about, hopefully you will find a little inspiration in these posts!

Finishing up with these last few ideas, here’s number 7…


7.  Paint Colors.  According to the big painting experts, the hot color for 2018 is expected to be Black Flame, which they say is a blackish indigo.  Also expected to be popular is charcoal and other bold colors.  This trend has already been popping up in many beautiful homes, like this one by Kris of Driven by Decor


Her light floors and ceiling really make a beautiful contrast with the walls, so it’s not a dark space even with the dark paint.


And just in case you’re not ready to black out a room, a great way of using a bold color is to break it up with a lighter neutral.  A perfect example is this bathroom…


{image via Marcus Design}


And the contrast of this dark gray dining room with white fireplace surround is so glam!

{via Traditional Home}


And I love the look of a bold color for built-ins!

{image via Design Manifest}


But it’s not only dark and bold colors that are on the radar, soft neutrals are also becoming popular.  How about a sage green for a cabinet color in a bright kitchen?

{Image via Elle Decor}



And there’s more good news!  Light colors are still holding on if you’re not quite ready for lots of change!  Pale gray still makes its way to the list of top colors for next year!  So versatile!  Have I mentioned I would love to paint my whole main living area in pale gray?  We’ll see if I can talk my husband into it!  Love this space…

{Image via Remodelaholic}

8.  Farmhouse Style.  Speaking of pale gray, farmhouse style is still very popular in the home decor world, and it’s expected to stay that way for at least as long as Joanna Gaines is reigning Queen of Decor.  But if you are still too leary to install shiplap all over your walls, you can achieve the farmhouse look in other ways!  In this post I wrote in the spring, I shared 15 Farmhouse Finds for Less, and there are several pieces here that are easy to incorporate into a neutral decor palette.

And although I don’t have a ton of farmhouse style decor in my home, I have a few touches here and there.  In our guest room, for example, I hung vintage shutters on the wall, which is an easy option.

Other great farmhouse elements are ladders for holding throws, baskets, plants, crates of flowers, and galvanized metal, all of which are displayed in this one space by Meeghan of Cali Girl in a Southern World

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And if you love shiplap, but don’t want to commit, think about removable wallpaper like my friend Sarah did over at Sarah Sofia Productions.  She did this in a recent makeover of one of her bathrooms and I love it!  Click here for several options of peel and stick “shiplap” wallpaper.

And of course, very popular in the farmhouse decor realm are the wooden word signs.  Click here for a great source for many design options!

9. Marble.  Finishing up my list of decor trends is one of my favorites:  marble.  Wouldn’t we all love to be able to afford beautiful marble baths and kitchens?  But if not, there are options for including marble accents to get a feel of the favored design.

I have done two small tables in our home with faux marble finishes, and I love both of them.  They were so easy to do and so classic that you can hardly call it a trend!  This side table for Lola’s room was my most recent one.  Click here for the details.


And here was my original, still in my piano room.

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Also in Lola’s room, I was able to find some faux marble shelves from HomeGoods that we really loved…




But here is a great source for these marble shelves for a great price as well…



How cute is this faux marble bed tray made by Vacasa?  This didn’t even require painting.  Just cover with a little marble contact paper and you’ve got a great look! Click here for a great price as well. (affiliate link)



And this marble bath is gorgeous!  But, imagine getting the same look with a marble wall mural!

{Image via Lonny}


This is one of the ideas I’m thinking about for our powder bath re-desgin that I’m hoping to start soon!  Contact me to know more about custom wall mural designs we do at our graphics company!


I hope this little series has inspired you if you’re searching for ways to update your home and incorporate a few trends!  Do you already have some of these ideas in the works?