Have you ever scrolled through Pinterest, hoping for inspiration for decorating, only to end up feeling overwhelmed or that you could never get your home to look like “that”?  You’re not alone.  Through my years of blogging, I’ve had many questions and comments from people wanting to know where to start in having a home that looks updated while not having to renovate the entire house and start over!  Not everyone has the budget to make huge changes, and it’s not always necessary.  Adding a few trending design elements here and there can help to update your existing home, even on a limited budget.

I’ve gathered several ideas that you can totally do, but it’s too much to share in one post!  So, I’ll share a few ideas at a time over the course of the next few weeks.  Pin what you like, and I’d love to know what your favorites are!

Today, I’m starting with 3 examples of trending decor and how to use them.

1.Plants. Maybe you’ve noticed, live greenery is the new black in a lot of ways.  And not just the small variety!  Some of these plants are large statement pieces and really complete a room.  Take this one, for example…

{image via Burnham Design}


And as you may know, the Fiddle Leaf Fig is reigning in popularity right now and has been for a few years. But, who can resist them?  They add star quality to a room and they’re just fun to watch and grow.  My sister got one for her house last year, and it’s perfect in her family room.  And since they can grow to be several feet tall, they can really bring life to an empty corner.



I never realized how empty my space in the corner of my breakfast room was until my sister bought me this one for my birthday.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I call her Franny, and I’m sharing her life story there.


And if you think that plants may be too much of an investment– they’re not always!  I found this palm on a clearance aisle at Lowes for only $8 and I love the way it has filled a blank space on our porch!  This one is named Penelope, by the way.


And I loved her so much, I decided to go back and get her sister for the back porch.  (This is how much I’ve grown to love plants!)  I can’t believe how it just adds life to the space that wasn’t there before.  I’ve never been much of an indoor plant person before, but all of mine are currently surviving, and I hope they continue!


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But just in case you’re not the live plant type, you can also add that touch of greenery in the faux variety.  This lemon tree was a gift from my husband this year, and I’m loving it! This one was from here at Ballard Designs, but there are other faux varieties available as well, including this one.


2. Accent Walls.  Second on my lists of do-able trends are accent walls, which are very popular, with endless possibilities.  I have become a huge fan of accent walls, and in the past couple years have incorporated them into all three of my girls’ rooms…

In Abby’s room, we used a custom wallpaper, designed by my husband and I with a product we sell at our company.  And before you say “never” to wallpaper–this is something new that is actually removable!  This is the latest when it comes to wall coverings.  No more spending hours of pulling tiny shreds of paper off a wall!


These designs are made to fit your wall and are simple to install.  Remember how I did two accent walls in Lily’s room? Both of these are done with the removable wall covering as well.  Email me if you’d like more info on these!



In Lola’s room, I ventured out with a hand-painted mural design and it was really fun to do!  See more about it here.


Here’s a gorgeous nursery space done by FOXY OXIE with yet another wallpaper accent wall.  What a statement it makes, while remaining understated!



If wallpaper or painting a mural is not something you’re interested in tackling, maybe a striped accent wall is more like it.  I posted about our friend, Lauren’s room here, and her gray striped wall is a very popular look.



And lastly, just painting accent walls a solid color can make a huge difference in a space.  I have loved this living room by Sincerely, Sara D. ever since she posted it.  The rich color she used on a couple of the walls is so chic!  The perfect example of how paint can make a huge statement.  


3. Art. If I had to name a decor element that’s most specific to the individual, it would probably be art.  I can’t begin to tell you what’s right or wrong for your space because I feel like what’s right is what appeals to you!  There are different genres of art that trend at different times, so I find myself choosing some of those trends at times and making them my own by fitting them to my own style.  And since I do like to switch things up a lot, I never spend a lot on my art.  And much of it I DIY!

Abstract art is very popular right now, and even with my traditional style, I wanted to incorporate some into my house.  I just shared my latest art project this week for my bathroom.  Click here if you’d like to read more about it and how I made this one for under $15!


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Here’s another piece of abstract art by this etsy seller.  Notice how the rest of the room is simple and understated, but this one piece just makes the whole space!  I love it!



Another great wall art option are collections, hung in a gallery.  I love this space by my friend, Jennifer of Dimples and Tangles.  Botanical prints hung in matching frames are grouped together to fill an entire wall!


Another example of this technique is this one by The Creativity Exchange.  This was a collection of calendar prints, hung in a grid style to create one large work of art.




My daughter and I did our own version of a grid style gallery wall with Disney silhouettes.  Read more on this here.



This collection of vintage paintings on a dining room wall is yet another style of gallery wall.  Maybe you have a collection of some kind that you can hang together to create one work of art.


{image via Domino}


I’ve got a collection type gallery wall in our entry made up of different photos I took of doors in London and Paris!  I’ve had this up for years now, and I still love it.


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Another way to get a large piece of custom art is to print a poster size of your own favorite photo!  You can do this at Walmart by clicking here.  I love the personality this can add to a space, and a great example of this is this is this piece by Hi, Sugarplum.



Yet another way to display a large poster print is to hang it like a banner like this one by Lay Baby Lay.  So pretty!


I hope this first post in this series is helpful to you and gives you confidence to try something trendy in your own house if you’ve been hesitant before.  Stay tuned for more ideas coming soon!