Well, I don’t even have to say it, but time really does fly when you’re having fun, and here it is, the 4th week of the One Room Challenge!  Lola’s room makeover is plugging along, and we now have the walls painted, chandelier hung, curtains up, and two “new” pieces of furniture!  I’m saving some of these things for the big reveal in a couple weeks, but this “marble” top side table makeover, I had to share.



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Some of you remember way back when I did a faux marble top on a cute accent table for my piano room.  (Read about it here.)  I still love it so much, I decided to do it again for Lola’s little side table.

Here’s how it looked before…




I had brush-painted this years ago, so I went over it with my favorite sander just to get the brush strokes smoothed out a little.

I wanted a glossy white top for the faux marble, so I just gave it a quick coat of this Rustoleum spray




And I did a quick spray of my favorite gold Krylon on a knob I already had.  (A good tip for spraying knobs is to stick them on a paper cup.)




Then I painted the body of the table in pale pink (Sherwin William’s Demure), the same way I did her matching dresser and desk I posted here.




Then I was ready for the marble top!  I used the same process as my original table, but basically, I took a small art brush with some gray craft paint and just painted some thin “veins” of marble across the top.  I even use a piece of marble or a pic of marble for a little inspiration.






After painting on a few veins, I take a cotton ball that’s just slightly damp and sort-of smear and dab the paint to get a random and natural look.  With this glossy white, the paint can wipe completely off, so just gently wipe and dab to muddy up the white in some areas.




After smearing some of the gray off, I will go back and paint a thin line again over some of the areas.  It’s hard to go wrong because it’s like real marble– very unique, with no two pieces the same!





(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


After the marbling was done, I let the gray paint dry well over night, then sealed it with this Johnson Paste Wax, like I did for my other one.  This stuff is super easy to use, and will not yellow white finishes.



It only took about a tablespoon to do this top, and I just wiped it on with a soft cloth, being sure to cover the entire top.  Then let I let dry for 20 minutes or so, then buffed it with another soft cloth.  So easy!




This gives it a protected finish that doesn’t change the look of the design!





It’s just one more piece that is helping this room come together!  So exciting!


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