For those of you who may have missed it on my Instagram or Facebook, I have just returned from a trip to Texas to visit my bestie.  As my faithful blog readers know, she moved to Texas after living here in Tennessee almost her entire life!  And since I was able to get out to see her, we knew we wanted to visit Magnolia in Waco.  I get it that every blogger and her sister have blogged about Magnolia, but y’all, I cannot pass up this opportunity to share our visit as well.  I snapped about 100 pics to try to bring back just a taste of the fun we had, and I think I’ve narrowed it down to a reasonable amount, so enjoy! (See the bottom of the post for more info on the perfect place to stay and what else to see in Waco!)


Denise and I started our day early at the bakery because we had been warned about the long lines and large crowds.



And when we arrived, we were so surprised to find that, due to school starting and the unfortunate arrival of Hurricane Harvey down in Houston,  there was no crowd at all, and we walked straight up to the bakery counter to place our order.  I chose the blueberry muffin for breakfast, which was divine, and then we had our choice of tables in the small courtyard beside the bakery!  So lovely!





About the time we finished up our breakfast, the Magnolia Market was opening up just a few steps away.  So, we headed on over to take in all the gorgeousness we knew was awaiting us.


And walking through, wide-eyed and jaw dropped, I started to realize what a dream it would be to be able to style this store!  It’s completely inspiring and fantastically whimsical– the perfect combination of art and decor on display, which strikes a chord with those of us with creativity running through our veins.  And with the recent transition to fall decor, we totally got treated.



















We kinda sorta had the time of our lives shopping.


And then we headed out around the back of the property where the gardens and the seed and supply shop are.  I’m not sure if any of it could get any cuter!









We even took time to try out the beanbag chairs and relax a few minutes before the food carts opened for lunch!






After tasting some pizza and crepes, we decided we’d take our bags to the car and check out a few other stops around town.  Of course we had to check out Clint Harp’s shop, Harp Design Co., and it was full of cute stuff as well!





Behind the store is the work shop where you can get a sneak peek at what’s going on..



And right beside the shop is the house that Chip and Joanna first did for Clint and his family on Fixer Upper.  Due to the overwhelming popularity of the show and Clint himself, he has now moved to another home and this one is available through Airbnb by clicking here.

So after running around Waco a little more, we decided we really must stop back by the bakery for a cupcake (or four) for the trip home!  And as luck would have it, we were blessed with a super-short line again and got our cupcakes.


So, here are my thoughts about Magnolia– Denise and I knew we would love it, but it was even better than we expected!  Joanna Gaines’ exquisite creativity and design style just come to life here, and it’s lovely!  And they have done a great job finding people to work here who reflect their own hospitable nature in the best ways.

Our recommendation for hotel:  The Hotel Indigo!  It’s just a few blocks away from Magnolia and is a beautiful hotel with great rates.  We had no idea we could have literally left our car at the hotel and walked over.  And speaking of parking– there is free parking at Magnolia on 8th street and in a large lot adjacent to the property.  Be sure to look for that first, and if it’s full, paid parking in surrounding lots is available.

Also– other people have written great posts about what else to see in Waco while you’re there.  Check out this post by my friend Kim at Hunt and Host.  We checked out a few of those places and had fun as well.


Are you headed to Waco soon?  Or have you been before?  I’d love to hear about your visit and other tips you may have to share!