What a weekend!  Another birthday party is in the books, and another of my babies is about to be a year older.  This time it’s our youngest, Lola, and she’s turning the big 10 tomorrow!



We decided to use the unseasonably-warm temperatures to our advantage and go with an outdoor dinner and pie-making party, and it was a big hit!


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Near the dinner table outside, I set up a pie-making station, complete with the tools and supplies need for the girls to make their own mini pies!




I bought these mini pie tins, which turned out to be the perfect size!  We had 4 choices of pie fillings (which I displayed in some cute jars from Hobby Lobby), and I just used store-bought pie fillings, but of course a homemade recipe could be used as well!  I also put out rolling pins, pizza cutters, and mini cookie and pie stamps for decorating the pies.





Then we gave each girl a single refrigerated pie crust to work with.



They cut and filled and decorated until their pie creations were complete!






And then I took them into the house to bake them.  They turned out to be so cute!!



The aprons were another fun part!



I found the perfect plain white aprons here on Amazon.  Then, I sewed on some black and white buffalo check fabric (from Joann Fabrics) to make a pocket.



Some iron-on letters (also from Joann) were perfect for personalizing each one…





I continued the black and white buffalo check for the dinner table, using printed papers from Hobby Lobby for “placemats”.







A canvas drop cloth made the perfect table cloth, then, I just layered on the papers, greenery, flowers, and pumpkins for a sort-of woodland garden party theme.








The menu was very kid-friendly with hot dogs the girls got to roast on the fire, along with fruit, chips, and cake and lemonade…




The cake was one of my favorites because it couldn’t be easier to make.   Lola wanted one like we did for Abby’s 16th birthday.  It’s just a simple naked vanilla layer cake with some buttercream frosting in between! A few faux flowers on top, and it’s a pretty, delicious, and inexpensive birthday cake!






We had outlined the party area of the yard with string lights and a few of these paper lanterns I had used before at Abby’s 16th birthday party.




And when it got dark, the whole area looked so magical, as string lights are known to do!





By the end of the party, the pies were all cooled, so I packaged them up in cellophane bags and sent them home with the girls for later!




I tried to talk Dave into letting me keep the string lights up forever in the backyard, but he didn’t go for it, since I already have them in several other places.  Seriously, though, he was a lifesaver once again in helping me pull this party together and then take it all apart.  And as for Lola, she says she loved it, too, and that her favorite part was the pie.  I’ll take that!


If you’d like an easy supply list for a party similar to this, here are some affiliate links below:

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