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Lola’s 10th Birthday and Pie-Making Party!

What a weekend!  Another birthday party is in the books, and another of my babies is about to be a year older.  This time it’s our youngest, Lola, and she’s turning the big 10 tomorrow!   We decided to use the unseasonably-warm temperatures to our advantage and go with an outdoor dinner and pie-making party,…

He’s 18

He’s 18. And although that’s not a magic number in our house that means he’s on his own now or officially an adult, the fact that my little boy is actually now a man is right in from of my eyes. It has happened. Somewhere along the way, my focus switched from training a little…

Dear Abby,

Dear Abby, It’s your birthday. So, I’ll be telling you, once more, the story of when you were born, because that’s just how we do in this family. Grammy is going to want to tell you, again, how she was the first one to find out that you were a redhead, and how totally surprised…

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