In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a family that loves parties. And as you may have seen by now, we did a lot of partying this summer. But our last big hurrah before school started was definitely one for the memory books.

We decided there is just way too much talent amongst our friends and family not to show it off, so we hosted a Talent Show Party at our house. And the performers did not disappoint.

Our plan was to have the party on our patio, which we transformed into a stage with the magic of a few stars and string lights (you know I can’t get enough of the string lights).

With a simple menu of pizza, chips, and drinks, we set up a self-serve buffet.

And my friends showed off their baking talents by bringing a few desserts.

The decorations were simple. I stuck with a red, black, and gold theme with a few stars thrown in here and there.

The show started off with a bang with the younger ones taking the stage to show us their stuff.

But after the first few acts, the weather decided to stop cooperating so we took a brief intermission to move the show indoors. Knowing this could happen, we had planned ahead and cleared our game room, so the rest of the acts took to the stage inside.

Fortunately, the rain didn’t dampen the fun and the performers wowed us all. We found out some of our friends had talents we never dreamed they had!

Everyone did such a great job and most of us couldn’t remember when we’d laughed so much.

The hardest part of the whole night was deciding who to vote for. Everyone headed to the voting table after the show to vote for their favorite act.

These mini trophies from Hobby Lobby were the perfect prizes for all the participants. A little fan wheel of cash tied on made them even better.

And when the votes were all in, the first place prize went to none other than Grant and Abby, also known as the Dance-tastic Duo. They performed their rendition of “Can’t Stop Singing” from Disney Channel’s hit of the Summer, “Teen Beach Movie”. And maybe I’m biased, but I think they were great. Here’s the clip if you want to see for yourself.

And for the “Final Act” of the night, we had S’mores around the fire. To keep things as simple as possible, Abby and I made up the S’mores bags before the party so the guests each had their own “kit”, ready to go.

It was definitely one of the most fun parties we’ve had. If you know me, you know I loved putting it all together. And all the performances were fabulous. But the best part was being with friends, making memories, and laughing ’til it hurt. And that’s a tough act to follow!

I’ll be sharing this party inspiration with a few of these partying people. Check them out!