Yay! It’s officially our Spring Break, and we started it off with a bang this past weekend by hosting our third Amazing Race birthday party. It’s hard to believe it’s been 6 years since we planned Grant’s Amazing Race party for his 13th, and (surprisingly) it’s still a popular post here on the blog! Then came Abby’s turn, and finally it was Lily’s. I don’t know if Dave and I have gotten any better at planning, but I think the party decor has improved anyway.

Since this party was all about racing around town, obviously the perfect theme would be a road race–but with plenty of color!

So, I started with a black chalkboard paper table runner, made to look like a road, then added plenty of black and white striped accents and colorful road sign printables!

I had the party all ready to go beforehand, with tables set and everything ready but the food, so when the kids arrived, we were ready to start the race!

We had 4 teams of kids, each with a set of parents to drive them around and be their chauffeurs for the race. Each team was handed a set of clues, then sent on their way at the “Go!”

(Dave made some envelopes and a finish line mat using the original Amazing Race logo!)

The teams were sent all around town, solving puzzles, searching for clues, and accepting challenges!

The finish line was back at our house, where lunch was served and the awards were handed out!

According to Lily, it was a great success (even if her team didn’t come in first!)
This really is a super-fun party. If you’d like some free printables of all my road sign designs, help yourself to the download here! The possibilities for using these are endless!

As for us, it’s 3 down, and one more Amazing Race party to go–around 3 years from now! We can do this! Whew!

To make your party even more Amazing, I’ve put together few more items you may need…Enjoy!

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