So this is the week that our red-headed, Disney-loving, piano-playing, smile-sharing, kind-hearted Abby turns 16. And if you read my last post, you know I’m in the mood to make the most of every moment I have with my kids and do life big. Not to mention, I live for throwing parties. So, that’s what we did this weekend.

It was Abby’s dream to have a big backyard party with friends and family and watch “Tangled” on a big screen under the stars. And since she doesn’t really ask for much, how could I say “no”?

Besides, I’m a pretty fond of glowing lanterns and Flynn Rider myself. (Love these posters? Print them here.)

So, Abby and I pinned all kinds of inspiration for weeks. And then, with lots of amazing help from my husband, we pulled out chairs and blankets and furniture from all around the house to transform the yard into a backyard theater.

For daysI had prayedfor good weather, and (thank the Lord) He gave us a great night that was just the right temperature and not a drop of rain.

We kept it simple with the food. A nacho bar, drinks and cupcakes made up the menu, which all seemed to be hit with the guests.

(I think the lighted 16 was my favorite part–I’ll tell you more about it later.)

And although I drew the line at Abby’s request for everyone to release glowing lanterns into the sky just like they do in the movie, I did come up with some colorful paper lanterns, which I’ll show you how to make later as well.

The biggest hit with the kids was probably the popcorn bar and soda cart. SO much fun to put together!

Do you recognize this furniture from around my house?

I totally enjoyed putting everything together to give Abby a special night, and I can’t say enough how great my husband was in making all my ideas come to life. And a big thanks to Denise for all her help on party day. She loves planning parties as much as I do, so I’m so glad she was well enough to be there. And we definitely had the best guests ever, who all chipped in after the movie and had the whole yard cleared in no time!

There were just enough friends, and just enough laughs, and just enough magical moments to make it a very sweet 16th birthday party.

Sources, how-to’s and details coming soon! (Click here for that post.)