Yesterday I was out thrift-store shopping again (no, I don’t need an intervention just yet). But I have to say, I love that I’ve been able to find so many great pieces lately. And yesterday, I found one of my favorites so far–if only I knew what it really is.What this golden plastic beauty was in her past life, I don’t know, but she’s going to be gorgeous in her new one. All I know is that she was $4 & fabulous. And as soon as she gets a little makeover, she’s going to be hanging in my closet as my new jewelry cabinet. Isn’t she lovely? Here she is, just as I found her, dust & all. I’m dying to hear your take on this. Who has seen anything like her before? Could she have been a medicine cabinet from the 60’s? Or maybe she actually was a hanging jewelry box. What do you think? Leave your comment below & then check back with me in a few days & see the transformation!Linking to:Decor Mamma