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DIY Chalk Paint (Lola’s Room Makeover Begins!)

After months of talking about it, I’m finally buckling down and planning to make some progress on Lola’s room since she’s been patiently waiting for a while now as her sisters’ and brother’s rooms got done!  I’ve put it off as long as possible since her room is the biggest and because I have a…

How To Slipcover an Ottoman (Again!)

In my early days of blogging, one of the first slipcover projects I did was a zebra-print cover I made for a little $8 thrift store ottoman.  It was a fun little project that still gets pinned on Pinterest often (despite my terrible photography!).  The original post is here if you’d like to check it out….

Paint Colors, Light Fixtures, and Accessories (More on Melody’s Room)

There’s still so much to tell about all we did in Melody’s room, all of which anyone can do, so I’m trying to pack in as much as I can in this post, and maybe you’ll realize how simple it is to get great impact! We talked about bedding in this post, so click back…

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