What does your style of decorating say about you? I’ve been psycho-analyzing my own style & think I’ve come to the conclusion that I am a very cautious person when it comes to decorating. I gravitate toward very flexible pieces that are really just canvases to showcase more decor that can be changed around & switched up now & then. I have a few bold pieces that I really love that aren’t really very versatile & can only be used in a specific place, but overall, I like to be able to change it up. Here are a few examples of this:1.) My kitchen chalkboard (made from a board painted with chalkboard spray paint & framed with a made-over mirror frame) This is a perfect example of flexible decor. Who can count the number of ways to decorate a chalkboard? And by the way, I think everyone needs one!2.) My white couch. I’ve had this Pottery Barn slip-covered sofa for several years now & the fact that I have 4 kids did not discourage me one bit from choosing the white. It makes the perfect background for just about any kind of fabric on a throw pillow. The entire look of a couch can change by just changing some throw pillows. Pottery Barn has been showing us this principle for years. And I still love it today. 3.) My white ledge shelf. This is another very flexible element of design that is being used all over the place. I hung mine over my special birthday cake painting in our breakfast room. It has sort-of a fireplace mantle effect to hold all kinds of plates & vases & seasonal tchotchkes that I can change out regularly. Here’s how this looks at the moment.

What kinds of “canvases” do you have in your house to showcase your stuff? What is your house saying about you?

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