It was just a few posts back that I wrote about some things I am thankful for, as small & simple as they may be. One of those things is that my 3-year-old is now potty-trained. For those of you who still change diapers 8 to 10 times a day as a part of your daily routine, you can truly appreciate this echelon of success. Others may have forgotten, through the passing of time, the significance of this event. But I have potty-trained 4 kids & now emerged from the “Diaper & Pull-Up” stage of life & I am ecstatic about it. And one of the very best parts of this is that all the money I was spending on those things is now in my pocket to be spent on much better things! So, when I expressed my thanks for this the other day, I mentioned I might possibly be able to decorate my house with the money I’m saving on diapers. I wasn’t really serious at the time, but the funny thing is that since I made that statement, I’ve found some great items, all paid for with what I may have spent before on diapers or Pull-Ups. And this is where my idea of “Designer Decor on a Diaper Budget” came to be. Whenever I am able to find a great item that would fit into this category, I’ll post about it here & hopefully inspire someone out there to be able to do the same. I am currently involved in several projects that I’m excited to show you later, but here’s the first in this series. This is my new coffee table that I came across in a Goodwill store on a 50% off day & ended up walking out with it for only $7.50. Add 2 cans of semi-gloss spray paint for around $3.50 each and a can of spray-on polyurethane for around $3 & the total still comes to less than the price of a box of Pull-Ups. Beautiful. For so many reasons.Here’s the transformation of my new coffee table:Here’s the Before:We cut 2 inches off the legs to make the height more suitable for our space:We then sanded the surface to smooth out scratches & prepare the surface for the paint:And here it is in its new home in our family room:

Stay tuned for more Designer Decor on a Diaper Budget coming up in future posts. And if you have some of these makeovers, please share them!

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