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Sweet 16 Outdoor Movie Party: Sources and How-To’s

Thanks so much for all the love many of you sent about Abby’s Sweet 16 party. If you missed that post, click here to read all about it. The questions have already been coming in about where to get this or how to make that, so I’ll do my best to share all the details…

Mini Edible Party Hats and Free 7th Birthday Printables!

If you’re looking for a birthday treat or party favor that’s just a little out of the ordinary, how about a mini party hat that the guests can eat? Our little Lola recently turned 7, and I came up with this idea for her birthday treat to share with her friends at school. They were…


Fifteen years ago today, a beautiful little red head made her grand entrance into this world. And in that short time, all of us who know her have been blessed. She’s a girly-girl who has her daddy’s heart. And she’s the perfect balance between tough… And refined… This family wouldn’t be the same without her…

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