He’s 18. And although that’s not a magic number in our house that means he’s on his own now or officially an adult, the fact that my little boy is actually now a man is right in from of my eyes.

It has happened. Somewhere along the way, my focus switched from training a little boy to raising a man. This quote struck a chord when I pinned it months ago, and it’s been on my mind a lot lately.


He’s so much like his dad in that he openly shows affection to everyone in our family. And as my mom always states, his future wife and family will greatly benefit from that one day.

He’s funnyand fun, bugs hissisters to death sometimes,and yet would protect them in anycircumstance.

It is definitely not always easy to raise a child with such a strong personality. But, I have no doubt that his strengths will help him to fulfill God’s purpose for his life. And although I used to wonder how I got a child who was so different from me, I now realize we are a lot alike after all. We feel things very deeply, love with our whole hearts, and are loyal to extreme degrees.

There is so much in store for, you, Grant, in the coming year and beyond. I’m thankful for you, so proud of you. And so happy to be your mom.

Happy birthday, Grant!!