Thanks so much for all the love many of you sent about Abby’s Sweet 16 party. If you missed that post, click here to read all about it.

The questions have already been coming in about where to get this or how to make that, so I’ll do my best to share all the details and sources in this post!

Starting with the invitation…

It washandwritten, and then converted to a digital format for printing. If you like this look and would like to order a custom invite for your next big event, I’ve decided to offer this option in my blog shop, at least for a limited time. You can send me all your info, I’ll write it up and then convert it to a file so you can print as many as you’d like! You can even choose the colors you want to coordinate with your event. Click here for the listing.

The next big question is where to get the outdoor movie screen. Well, my husband the graphics guru has a plethora of materials and equipment in his company to make party-planner’s dreams come true. He made our screen for us, and has agreed to make these available to others who may want to throw a backyard party. These are made of quality white vinyl and come with rope sewn in and grommets for hanging. I have a 5’x8′ size available in my shop, but if you need a custom size, just ask. Click here for that listing.

Another thing he did for me was the lighted marquee-style 16! He made the individual 30-inch numbers for me out of a thin white plastic material and I spray painted them gold and added these string lights from Hobby Lobby to light them up. The potential for these is limitless for all kinds of events and decor. Contact me if you’re interested in ordering some for yourself!

And speaking of string lights, we have those same ones from Hobby Lobby on our lower porch, and that’s what I used when making the paper lanterns for the party.

The lanterns are so quick and easy to make! Just start with a 12×12 patterned paper, and cut in in half to get two 6×12 pieces.

Then, fold one of the pieces of paper in half length-wise, and cut some strips from the fold, up, about an inch wide, stopping about an inch from the top edge.

Then, unfold the paper, place the short sides together, and glue with hot glue.

To hang, just punch a couple of holes in the sides and add some wire for hanging. I used floral wire because I had it on hand. I hung the lanterns over every other bulb, being careful to keep the paper clear of the bulb, just to be safe.

And for the white globe-style lanterns hanging over the tables and all around the yard, I bought them here for a great price on a dozen of them on Amazon. They have other colors available as well!

And to get them to glow at night, I used these LED tealight candles from the Dollar Tree.

We just taped them into the bottom of the lantern, and flipped the switch!

They were great hanging in the trees and glowing after dark…

Another great item I found at Amazon were these clear lidded solo cups! They’re perfect for outdoor events and I will definitely be ordering them again. I ordered the 20-oz size, but they come in other sizes and quantities as well. Perfect!

A couple of other details I added were the gold glitter 16 bags for the popcorn and the pennant flags. I did this with simple number stamps, clear embossing ink, and glitter embossing powder.

Here’s a little supply list for this project if you’d like to buy online. Just click on the links below:

white paper bags

number stamp

clear embossing ink

glitter embossing powder

heat gun

And last, but not least, the “sixteen” cake topper, inspired by one I saw on Pinterest, was also done with help from my husband. This is made from router-cut plastic which I painted gold and glued to bamboo skewers to top the cake. This is one more item I’m making available in my shop for a limited time for those of you that would like a custom topper for your event. It will arrive as a plain white piece which you can paint the color of your choice. Add the skewers if you’d like to use it to top a cake. Click here for the listing or email me with questions!

Whew! Did I cover everything? If not, just ask. I hope this inspires those of you planning an outdoor party of your own! Enjoy!