Over the weekend, our littlest family member turned the Big 8. She’s brought so much joy to all of our lives, for sure. And since I’ve been too busy to get sentimental about it, I didn’t take the time to shed a tear, we just partied it up and had fun.

The festivities included a family party, a trip to the zoo with friends, a birthday meal at one of her favorite restaurants, and, of course, treats for the class at school, topped with these little “8 is great!” printables I whipped up.

Got a great 8-year-old you’re celebrating? Click here to download these free printables. Just cut them out and stick them to a toothpick with a little hot glue. And click here for the striped baking cups I used. They come in a ton of great color choices!

I hope these come in handy for your own party. For more freebirthday printables, click the links below…