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My Favorite

There’s no question about it. He’s my favorite. I’ve known him for half my life now and every. single. day. he makes me laugh. And I’m not the only one. He’s got a huge fan club of friends and family who all agree that he’s one-of-a-kind. He’s a wonderful son… And an amazing dad… And…

It’s My Party and I’ll Be Surprised If I Want To

Last week when my best friend’s mom asked me to stop by her house to help her out with something, my husband volunteered to drive me and said we’d make a date of it and go eat somewhere afterwards. In hindsight, I realize I should’ve been a little suspicious considering it was just 2 nights…

A Big Ten Celebration {with Free Printables}

Today we’re celebrating a fabulous 10 years with this sweet girl… Our Lily was definitely a very sweet addition to this family. Her tender heart and knack for expressing herself in so many artistic forms blesses us every day. I’ve taught her to sew and clean and use good manners… And she’s taught me to…

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