Let me start by saying I’ve missed you all in my long absences this summer!  As you know, my life has been a tad bit busy crazy wonderful lately.  I’ve always believed in seizing the moment, but here we are over here trying to pack every major life event we can think of into a couple months.  And yes, it’s been a tad overwhelming at times!

I haven’t yet posted about Abby’s wedding for lack of adequate words and also lack of time to go through approximately 40,596 perfect pictures to choose our favorites!  But it was everything we could have dreamed of and more, and for those who are asking, I promise I’ll share it soon!

But in the meantime, the one who first made me a mom gets married in two days.  So far, I’ve discovered that the titles of Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom carry all the same emotions and yet two completely different sets at the same time.  I’ve searched, but there’s just not an app, tool, or feature on any of my social media platforms to convey all the things I’m feeling these days.  How do you sum up a chapter like this with the limit words put on us?  It’s not really adequate, but here’s what I’ve got today…

Dear Grant,

Since both of us use words as our life’s currency and since I have never had a shortage of words to share with you all your life, you know I have a few more for you as you enter this most exciting chapter so far…

On this brink of time just before you take the first steps down the aisle as husband to that beautiful girl God gave you, I can’t help but have that feeling like I’m forgetting something.  Just like all those times I’ve turned the car around before we got to the end of our street to go back for something, I think I may have forgotten to tell you a few things.

I know I told you all time to remember to take your shoes off when you came in the house, but did I remember to tell you how much I’ve loved hearing you say, “Hey, Mom!” when you got home?

And I know I’ve told you plenty of times that it was your dish day, but have I told you enough that I appreciate all those chores you do without me asking you?

I know I’ve said- “Stop picking on your sisters” more times than any of us can count.  But I may have forgotten to tell you how much I love seeing you love on them and look out for them.  

And we both know I’ve talked to you about how important it is to spend your money wisely, but did I tell you enough how much I love that you would spend your last $5 to help a stranger?

I know we had plenty of pep talks about how I knew you could get through nursing school.  But have I said enough that I am so thankful for your God-given compassion to help people like you do?

And I know I’ve rolled my eyes enough when you get rowdy in the house like dad does, but I forgot to tell you how glad I am that you have all his best qualities as well.

And when you first met Miriam and pretended to be a teacher’s assistant in her art class just so you could be near her, I forgot to tell you that it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen you do. 

When we first met her, I told you she was every bit as gorgeous in person as she was in the pictures of her you used to text me.  But have I told you enough that she will be the greatest earthly treasure you ever have?  I want you to always remember that.

I know I’ve told you many times to pay attention, but I forgot to tell you how good you are at giving your attention to her.  Never let that change.  

And I know I’ve mentioned a few times that your strong will as a little boy and even as a man has challenged me to rise to the occasion at times, but I want to tell you now that every deep emotion God has given you has a place in your life in your service for Him.  And I am loving watching every strength of your personality grow to expand your influence for Him.

We’ve talked many times about how much I love how loyal you are to your many friends and how I relate to that so well.  But I hope I’ve told you enough that you’re also one of the best friends I’ve ever had. 

You’re ready for this.  Not in the sense that you already have all the answers, but in the sense that you know to look to the God who will give them to you.  You’ve learned to respect your parents’ advice and yet be independent enough to make the right decisions yourself.  

I know we’ve had the “Life isn’t always fair” chat since you were just a little boy, upset that the teacher called you down for something someone else did. (Ha!) But more than ever, I hope you’ll always remember that life is truly not fair.  We have been blessed more than any of us deserve by having you in this family.  And now, with Miriam joining us and you two starting your own family, God’s favor toward us is more unfair than ever.  Don’t forget to thank Him for that all your life.

Can’t wait to see you as you get the bride of your dreams in just a couple days! And in case I forget to tell you in the excitement of that day, always remember I love you more than you know.  It’s one of the greatest privileges of my life to be your mom.