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My Son, The Groom

Let me start by saying I’ve missed you all in my long absences this summer!  As you know, my life has been a tad bit busy crazy wonderful lately.  I’ve always believed in seizing the moment, but here we are over here trying to pack every major life event we can think of into a…

Free 2020 Retro Style Graduation Printables

Every year for the past several years, I’ve shared free printables about this time for the graduates.  My favorites have been the years that I had my own graduates to celebrate, and this year is another one of those years!  Except– this year, as we know,  will be different for almost every Class of 2020…

Catching Up

Wow. Just sitting down for a sec to catch my breath after a summer that just went by in a blur. We did pack a lot into it, but still– I wasn’t ready for it to be over! In case you hadn’t noticed, I put myself on a scaled-back blogging schedule for summer because life….

Cue All the Emotions {Again!}

Years from now, I may look back on this summer and refer to it as “The Summer of Secrets”, as I’ve been under way too much pressure to keep too many! But we will, for sure, look back and refer to this summer as “The Summer of Sweet Engagements”, because our second one in the…

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