You knew this was coming.  After about 259 posts about the many emotional adventures that are my life, you had to know this was coming.  Writing this post is actually on my list of things I have to do before the wedding in order to survive it. Next on the list is avoiding desserts so I can still fit into my dress (#notgoingwell).  Some of y’all thought when you landed here that this blog was about painting projects and parties and decor, but it’s really about me getting through the major events in life with Jesus and Dave and my words. In that order. I have to write what I go through.  It’s just how God made me.  If you haven’t been here long, you should know I’m super sentimental about my people and our adventures and I like to celebrate everything.  I could throw a party over a baby tooth falling out— and then I’d write a post about it.  So basically, I’m bursting about now.  My oldest daughter is about to get married.  And then my oldest son– so, spoiler alert:  another post coming soon.

I think I always imagined Grant would get married first, since he’s slightly older, but Abby is beating him to it by four whole weeks.  And in just days now, we’ll be giving her away.  So here are a few words for you, Abby, just a few short days before your wedding day…

Dear Abby,

You don’t remember, of course, but on the day you were born, in the midst of us being completely awe-struck with your beautiful red-headed presence, someone made a joke about the fact that having a girl meant there would be a wedding to pay for one day.  Dad and I laughed, of course, but even that day,  just for a fleeting moment, we thought of the day we’d have to give you away.  

And so began the steps of holding your hand and guiding you toward the path that God had already paved for you…the one paved with lots of fun and adventure and also some tears and deep waves of emotion.  It’s been a path where several other people joined you for parts and then had to go their own ways for others.  We’ve stopped to celebrate a lot of things along the way, and we’ve paused to try again on a few steps when things could have gone better.  

But here is what has made this the best journey ever: you’ve always wanted us right beside you. You’ve always wanted to please the Lord and your parents in everything. You’ve definitely glanced our way and smiled proudly when we’ve been on the sidelines cheering like crazy people for all your accomplishments. But you’ve also wanted us there to ask for direction and advice when you couldn’t see which part of the path to take next. And those few times we had to tell you to keep walking when you didn’t really want to, you trusted us and learned that God was really the One that was with you every step, even when we couldn’t be.

You’ve gained more and more beauty and poise and Southern graces along the way, of which I am very proud.  But what makes my heart burst is the wisdom I see with the choices you make, and the passion that pours out whenever you express that things that Christ has done in your life.  And what amazing things He’s done!  For all of us.  From the first moments you met Beau on this path, and through every providential twist and turn, God has proven His faithfulness to you both over and over. 

I’m going to miss having you upstairs… and redecorating your room together for the 10th time or so.  (It would have been fun to do it just one more time!)

And I’ll miss passing this notebook back and forth with notes to each other that we’ve left under each other’s pillows for years now…

But it’s time.  And you’re so ready to start walking on the next path with Beau because you’ve listened well and learned lots, and grown and matured. And I know you’ll keep all of it up so you can pass it down to the little people God is going to put on your path in the future.  

I wish I could promise I won’t cry when Dad walks you on that path down the aisle.  (We both know it’s asking the impossible.) And it’s true that I’m not really prepared for what it’s like to give a daughter away.  But I’m totally prepared to for you to keep being one of the best friends I’ve ever had.  We can do this.  Let’s get you married!  

Love you,