The changes are continuing around this house as I speak and sometimes even I’m wondering what has gotten into me!  Plans that I’ve been thinking about for a while now are finally just coming together and the latest is a master bedroom refresh!  I’ve been on the search for just the right pieces to replace our current bedding for several months, and here is what I’ve put together! 

We’ve had our current look for 6 years now and I have loved it so much, that’s what’s taken so long for me to find something I liked as much to replace it!  I’m keeping my navy and white curtains because I’m not quite ready to part with them, and although my original ones are no longer available, I’ve found some similar ones to complete this look.  Click on the links below to shop this look!  Many of these links are affiliate links which help to support this blog..

Striped Duvet Cover and Shams

Palm Leaf Throw Pillow Cover

Velvet Lumbar Pillow 

 Citron Peacock Duvet

Navy and White Colorblock Curtains

Here’s what our current look has been most of the time for the past 6 years…

And this is our fall and winter look, still currently on the bed, but soon to change!

The new pieces are ordered and I’m making the switch very soon, keeping my fingers crossed that everything looks as good together in person as I have planned!  Sharing the reveal soon!