As you know, romance is always in the air in this house, but this week there are lots of paint fumes as well!  I’ve been excited about our decision to paint much of the house white, and since the painters had an opening this week, we decided to take it, despite the fact that it means Valentine’s Day is looking a lot different than it usually does! My tiny heart garland is still on the mantle but everything else is basically in complete disarray…

But I’m coping because the results are looking so fabulous!  We chose Sherwin Williams Origami White for the walls and it was exactly the right color.  Not too tan and not too gray– but just enough contrast from the pure white ceiling and trim.  

I have been working from my room for most of this week, trying to stay clear of the main areas which are now covered in sheetrock dust!  

I am definitely missing having some touches of Valentine’s Day around the house, but our annual Valentine’s dinner that I host for the entire family is still on schedule for tomorrow if I can get this place back in order in time to cook it!  I hope you’re celebrating love this week in your own favorite ways!  If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out my previous Valentine’s Day posts HERE! Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! 

I’ll share the end results of these new walls very soon!