It has been a fun year for decorating the house this year for Christmas.  And one thing that’s been different is having my girls at home a little more, doing distance learning from time to time and therefore having a little more time for fun!  And since this is the first year my two oldest have their own homes and their own trees, we decided this might be the year to get Lily and Lola their own full-size trees.  They each decorated them in their own style and I think they turned out great!

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Lily’s room is bold and bright, so her tree is a great fit with its colorful ornaments! (Both of her murals can be found at Wunderwall Mural.

Her tree was THIS ONE and the ornaments were from Walmart and Target.

Lily made her pom pom wreath herself from Dollar Tree items and she shared a video how-to on her Instagram @LilyLivesColorfully.

A few other touches make it such a cute and festive look that reflects her style perfectly and I love it!

In Lola’s room, it’s an entirely different look with more subdued and subtle tones…

She wanted a flocked tree in here and I love the choice with her mural. (It’s already been 4 years since I painted it!)  Her tree is THIS ONE which happens to be the same one we have in the dining room. 

Lola chose greens and teals and whites as her ornament colors and I think it’s perfect!

Right here by the tree is her new favorite place to do homework! 

Thank goodness, no homework is going on in the master bedroom, but there is still plenty of Christmas wrapping going on in front of this tree on a daily basis now!

For the past few years, I have loved having a tree in our room and I don’t know how I made it without one before! (HA!)  This one is so awesome because it can switch from colored to clear lights!  You can find it HERE.

I also love a lighted garland over the headboard and I got this one out from a few years back because I feel like it goes well with the new painting!

I also kept out the green velvet pillows I made this fall, and you can shop the rest of the bedding here…


Sadly, the “Let’s Mistletoe” pillow was from a few years ago and I haven’t been able to find one to source since.  But I always try to find a place for it in our Christmas bedroom.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these tours the past few posts!  More Christmas to come soon! Hope you’re enjoying this holiday season so far!