It’s no secret to anyone here that I love roses (and all kinds of flowers!) at any time of year– but especially around Valentine’s Day!  So I am super excited to introduce you to a fresh-from-the-farm company that will deliver amazing premium roses directly to your door for a beautiful deal as well!

Last week, Milena Bouquet sent me 50 stems of their premium pink and cream Ecuadorian roses.  And these are the longest stems and most gorgeous blooms I’ve ever seen!  I split them up into bouquets all around the house, and I am loving how they are going to look with my Valentine decor!

Like I mentioned, these are the pink and cream fresh stems you can find HERE, but they have several color choices available.  They also sell preserved bouquets and arrangements as well.  

Right now they have a special deal going for January to receive $20 off if you pre-order for Valentine’s Day!  OR use my coupon code lifeofblissblog to receive 10% off 

My roses are on Day 7 and they are still looking fabulous! Follow Milena Bouquet on Instagram here or Facebook here to keep up with their gorgeous blooms.  Which of their colors is your favorite??