Dear Faithful Readers, 

Those of you who know me know that I’m not often at a loss for words.  Even my kindergarten report card bears the record from my teacher that “Julie loves to talk,” (written on every grading period throughout the year) and so, perhaps even then, I just embraced it as my destiny.  

Along with my talent for talking, God also decided to give me the need to create.  And when you combine a creative person with one who likes to express herself, you are likely to get a home blogger.  Of course, this was no such thing when I was growing up so I never dreamed of this dream job, but I come from a family of people who believe I can do more than I actually can, and somehow that usually translates to me trying, and every once in awhile, it turns out better than I expected.  And despite the fact that I bossed them around and sometimes thought I was too cool for them growing up, it was my sister and brother who convinced me ten Octobers ago that I should start a blog.


And so ten years ago on this day, I made the decision to open the door of my life and our home and share a few words and some simple projects.  If you had told me that day that I would still be pressing “publish” all these years later, I would have called you crazy.  I’m not known for sticking with jobs for long periods.  I’m the girl with a 4-year accounting degree who worked as an accountant for a record one year before retiring from that field.  My work record before that includes one summer as a waitress, another summer at Baskin-Robbins, several months as a baker, and many other short–term occupations.

No one is more shocked than I am that I’m still at this job and have not run out of things to say or pictures to share or major life events to post about.

But I’ve learned, if you give a girl encouragement, there’s a good chance she’s going to attempt things she never thought she would.  And lending someone your confidence in them when they are fresh out of their own often leads to amazing results.  That’s what you all have done for me in these past ten years.  We’ve discussed plenty of practical projects and pretty things, but what’s really brought us close is when you’ve given me permission to open the door to the deep parts.  

In these past years, your favorite posts have been everything from Grant’s super hero birthday party to Abby’s Graduation and Lily’s Bold Bedroom reveal to Lola’s Serene and Peaceful one.  You’ve been with me on trips across the world and walks down memory lane…and my hardest walk of all: walking my dad out of this life on his way to the next.

You know my family, my favorite paint colors, and my decorating tips.  And you also know my foundation for life is my faith and relationship with Jesus Christ.  

Standing here at well over 1000 posts and many thousands of your comments, I just want to thank you all again.  Big thanks especially to my husband, who has not only supported my crazy ideas, but has often paid for them, helped me bring them to life, then applauded me publicly when I’ve blogged about them right here.  And to my 4 kids who give me the distinct honor of being proud of my accomplishments, which is something I value far above fame or fortune.  

And there’s one last thing for those of you so gracious to still be reading this extra-long commemorative expression: I’m happy to announce that I have decided this 10-year mark is the perfect occasion to open my own little shop on Amazon!!  

Now open, you can find me HERE and in the SHOP tab at the top of my page. This is where I’m sharing all kinds of my favorite things from my home, my closet, and my list of things I just love!  I’d love for you to check it out and let me know what you think!  

Thank you all, once again, for joining me on this journey!  I can’t wait to see where we are headed next!