There are a lot of things I don’t get right as a parent.  But I’m thankful that amidst all my failures, there is the 13th year traditional Amazing Race Party that I can put on my list of successes.  When we first started this almost 10 years ago on Grant’s 13th, we had no idea it would be the party the rest of the kids would beg for on their 13th year as well!  And we recently hosted our 4th (and last!) in honor of Lola’s upcoming 13th birthday!

We’ve had a lot of practice on these by now, which is good because it requires a good amount of prep and planning before the big day!  And since this party has remained one of the most popular posts on the blog through the years, I wrote a special post all about how to plan one which you can find HERE!  And I have plenty of free decorating ideas and free party printables HERE

I wanted to make Lola’s a little different than Lily’s (the previous one), but I still wanted to use the same printables, so I got creative and switched a few things up–including hosting this one on the screened porch!

And I added a few extra creative treats that I hadn’t used before as well, namely these traffic light cookies!

I made these simply with Biscoff cookies, a little chocolate frosting, and some M&M’s!

The hardest part was separating the reds, yellows, and green M&M’s!  Then, I just used a pastry bag to pipe out a little frosting to cover the name of the cookie and added the “lights”!  Super simple, and they taste great, too!

A few more chalkboards and signs finished the look.

And our little custom trophies designed by my husband were another tradition we love to add!  

Have you hosted one of these parties yet?? See my other Amazing Race posts for other decor ideas!  And click on the items below for more supplies you may like!