You know how they say you should never go to the grocery store when you’re hungry?  Well, I kinda think the same thing applies to posting when you’re emotional.  Trust me, I’ve done both, and sometimes regretted it!  And yet here I am, writing my 1000th post right after Valentine’s Day, when I’m feeling sappy and overwhelmed and yet enormously blessed at the same time.   And so I thought I might as well do what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years here on my 1000th post… say what’s on my mind.



I’m pretty sure my brother and sister never dreamed I’d still be writing this blog when they first talked me into starting it all those years ago.  But, I guess I showed them!  And they also showed me… that sometimes you need to take good advice from the people that know you best.  When I started out here, I decided I would share whatever crafty or creative project I was working on at the time, and I would see how it went and just write until I ran out of ideas.  Still waiting for that day, but it hasn’t happened yet!



When I wrote the first post, we had just moved into this house, which was practically empty because the economy had tanked about the time we were halfway through building.  Since not many other people were building much during that time, we were able to get the house done in great time, but business was tight and my husband really wanted to freeze all our spending as soon as it was done, so we furnished the house with just the bare minimum.  I began shopping at thrift stores here and there for $10 tables and $5 chairs, and making them over into pieces I loved, each with their own story, which I shared here on the blog.


And then I would write about the parties we would have, and you met some of the real life people we’ve shared our lives with.  And then I began writing about being a mom to my 4 very different kids, and now you’ve watched 2 of them grow up and go to college.  Then there was my best friend’s cancer, and the beginning of Pray for Me Monday, where I’ve really gotten to know who some of you sitting on the other side of this screen really are.

Then was the really tough stuff during months when my parents moved in for the last few months of my dad’s life.  I shared both his words and mine during that time, and many of you stayed patiently by me even during those hardest moments.

It’s so funny how many times I hear from people who say they found me by clicking through a how-to pin on Pinterest and ended up getting caught up in posts about my life.  But what many of them don’t realize is that God is always at work, guiding each of us to places where we can know Him better.  And even a recipe post on Pinterest can be a path that can lead us to Him.


And that has been my number one goal here on the blog from the beginning… that when people stop here, they see Christ in me… not because I’ve got it all together, but because He has helped me through every step of my less-than-perfect life of bliss.


I’ve had many fun opportunities arise from writing this blog, been published in several magazines, and been able to do many local TV segments.  But, I’m not counting on ever getting famous or having the most followers or being the most popular, even though that’s supposed to be a main goal for anyone in this field.  Its a self-promoting game that’s easy to get caught up in, for sure.  But, God has been teaching me that leaving a legacy or making a name for myself should never be the goal for a Christian life…even when we say our reasoning is to get more people to Him.  He doesn’t really need our help in that.  It’s a gift to us when He allows us to be a part of someone coming to Him.  And when we try to stack up His accomplishments to build a legacy for ourselves, we’re no longer serving Him.  We’re serving ourselves.  So I’m trying to make it my goal to stay out of the way of His goal for my life and this blog, and just let Him lead me!  (And there you see the preacher’s daughter coming out in me.)

But if truth be told, it was my dad, the preacher, whose life taught me that lesson best.  He never tried to make a name for himself.  The motto he chose for his church was the same he lived in his own life: “Making Much of Jesus”.  And somehow, in taking the focus off of himself, he impacted more people with his life than anyone I have ever known.

And that is a summary of how this blog came to be, and how I’m now getting to be exactly what I wanted to be when I grew up.  When I was 6 years old, I had a book called “My Book About Me”.  (Still available via my affiliate link here and I recommend every parent get this for their kids!)  On the page that says, “What I want to be when I grow up…”  I underlined several things including nurse, writer, mailman, teacher, magician, and (apparently most of all) T.V. Star.


Between my roles as a wife, mom and blogger, I’ve been almost all of them!  And I owe many of these opportunities to my readers!  Without you all as my audience, this blog is just an online journal.  But when it’s not just me talking, and I get to hear your thoughts and opinions, it becomes a relationship!  And whether I write a post for only a few, or a few thousand, I’m thankful you’re here!  And although I’m supposed to be teaching how-to’s and how not-to’s here, you’ve also taught me many valuable lessons through the years as well.  So I thank you again, friends!  Maybe God will bless me with the opportunity to go for another 1000 with you all.  Stay tuned.