If you’re following me on Instagram, you know our summer has already been a whirlwind of activity with a graduation, a party, and a girls’ trip to the beach! The graduation party was definitely a hit with our grad, and as promised, I’m sharing some of it with those of you who might be looking for a little party inspiration!

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Unlike last year, when we had Grant’s grad party in the back yard, the 90% chance of rain had us opting for a semi-outdoor party in the garage instead!

So, using the printables I designed as a starting point, we took the black and white and floral theme and ran indoors with it! We love Kate Spade style, so we used that as our inspiration as well! My husband came through for me with a custom black-and-white striped backdrop to go with the sign I designed, and from there, I just used solid table coverings with striped wrapping paper for runners.  (Click here for a similar backdrop. )

We brought in folding chairs, along with furniture from the front porch, for seating for the guests…

And lots of flowers and printables made up most of the simple decorations…

Click here for the free printables for your graduate!  (**The 2017 version of these printables can be found HERE.)

Remember my famous ladder bookshelf we had in our office for the longest time? It made a perfect cupcake ladder! Shelves lined with wrapping paper, and paper flowers and string lights draped on transformed it to a sweet display.

And these goblets were the perfect size for the cupcakes!

I think my favorite part of the decor were the black and white striped drapes, which cost a total of $16 for all four panels! It was just the entrance we needed to set the tone for the party…

Want to hear my secret? Plastic tablecloths! We bought 2 black ones and 2 white ones for each panel we wanted, and I put my husband and father-in-law to work hanging them!

They came up with a quick method of assembling them by leaving them folded in a long strip about a foot wide, then taping them across the top with packaging tape.

Next, they taped the top of the striped panel to the inside of the garage door opening, then stapled up the gaps between the stripes as needed.

A long strip of white duck tape, folded onto itself made a great tie-back for each panel…

And they were done! Quick and easy, plus affordable! I love them!

It truly was a great time celebrating Abby and her accomplishments with many great friends and family.

She loved the party and she loved her money chain. Don’t forget it’s a great gift idea for the grads in your life! Click here for the how-to…

I hope this gives you lots of inspiration for the next party you’re hosting! Here’s a little list of supplies and must-haves (with my affiliate links) to make your planning easier…

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**This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.