It feels a lot like Spring has come to East Tennessee these past couple days, and after a week of rain previous to that, I’m welcoming it with open arms!  In fact, because there was so much flooding in our area, we’ve had two days off school so far this week, but my girls have not complained!

And the sunny days have had me totally in the mood for a little Spring sprucing up on the front porch, so here’s the result!  If you’re looking for a similar look, I’m linking up sources!  Just click on the product thumbnails for more info.

You’ll notice some updated versions of my classic favorites like some new faux boxwood wreaths (I splurged and bought these this time, but I shared a DIY version of these HERE.)  Also, click HERE for my easy method of hanging wreaths without damaging the door.




And another of my favorites is a hoop wreath!  I’ve lost count of the number of versions of this I’ve shared, but the original how-to is HERE.  This version is ready for Spring with a little lavender and hydrangeas! I just layered it over a chalkboard for a welcoming approach to the front doors…
















There’s still plenty to do to the rest of the porch out here over the next month or so. But here’s hoping that Spring weather is actually here to stay before long! But we’ll see what happens!