Just because it’s been a while since we had a little heart-to-heart, and because some of you might be new here and think that this blog is just another stop for your daily dose of decorating and DIY overload– I thought I’d share some of the real life stuff that’s been going on with me.

This blog was first born out of my love of seeing things changed from boring to beautiful and finding out there are tons of people out there like me who have to create or die.  I thrive on changing things up around the house and I’ve written nearly 1000 posts here now that are all examples of how to take something you have and make it better with a little creativity.  I love it!  Until I realize that I’m the project that’s on the table.  And that’s kinda where I’ve been over the past 2 years or so– learning that I love change until it’s happening to me.

It was January of 2015 when a switch was flipped and God allowed things to be put into motion that would never be able to be reversed again.  As many of you know, that’s when my dad was given his last handshake from the doctor who had to tell him there was nothing more that could humanly be done for him, and so began his last weeks on earth.  That’s when my parents moved in with us until my dad died in April of that year.  That was the most significant change each of us we had ever experienced, apart from the time we had each accepted into our lives the very God in whose presence my dad lives at this moment.

That change altered our course from then on.  It altered my mother the most, who is now on the search for her new identity without my dad.  And in truth, we are all trying to re-create ourselves in this world without him.

A few months later in 2015, more change came as my first child left home for college.  And then,  just as I was starting to get used to only 3 kids at home, my second child graduated in 2016, and off she went.  And suddenly, we were a family of 4 for much of the year.

After all this change, I was leary of 2017 as well,  as we began to realize that more changes would be delivered this year.  I heard God faintly whispering in my ear the changes that were coming, but He was giving me time.  June 1st arrived, and my best friend of over 40 years moved away.  We haven’t seen each other in over 6 weeks, but next month, I’ll be heading to Texas to finally see her face.  (There may be a road trip to Waco involved, so stayed tuned!)

And finally, because there seems to be a theme that God has going for us here, we realized it was time for more change for us this year as our girls will be starting a new school and we will be going to a new church.  These are monumental changes for us.  The best way I know to describe the past couple years is that I no longer recognize my life.  Apart from the fact that I have the same great husband (thank you, Lord!), a few close friends and family,  and I’m living in the same house, it feels like almost everything else has changed.  It’s been very painful.  But also very peace-filled.  And all I can say for sure is that, even though it’s not what I thought I wanted, God has a plan for me.  He has never changed.  He has known every word in every chapter of my life and yours from the beginning of everything.

And I’m sharing all of this with you, not for you to feel sorry for me or not because I feel sorry for myself (because EVERYONE goes through changes like this in life, and many are far worse), but I say it to testify that God has been so gracious to me, and I hope you can stop and look back on your life to see the same truth.

He has been so very patient through every one of these chapters, giving me lots of time to mentally prepare myself the best that I could.  He has gently pulled me away from people and situations I was very comfortable in, in order to give me better.  I’ve come to realize that I’m that comfortable out-dated thrift store chair that the Creator saw potential in so He decided to take His time and energy to transform me into something only He can envision.

We had over 12 years of my dad’s cancer to try to prepare ourselves for the day he would leave.  Like most other mothers, I had 18 years to prepare for my babies driving away.  Denise and I had at least 3 years of knowing her husband might get a job out of state, and yet God gave us time to celebrate important events before they finally had to go.  And I could go on about how He has given me time with other people and circumstances until those exact moments it was time for me to let go of them.

I don’t write from the heart like this unless I feel the Lord is compelling me to do it.  That’s the reason I’m silent on the serious things sometimes for long periods of time.  But today, which is also Pray for Me Monday, there is a reason He wanted me to share this.  If you’ve been struggling with the changes going on in your life or maybe you’ve been searching for God Himself, let me remind you of the message of Ephesians 3:20 that says God is able to do exceeding abundantly {so much more!} than we can even think to ask Him for or even imagine!  I love having promises like this to depend on in the hard times.  There’s nothing like knowing that God is in control.  He has a plan for me in all of this.  And He has a plan for you, too!

{As always, if you have questions about the Christian faith or how to know God, please contact me!  I’m praying for you, friends!}