DIY painted outdoor rugs are some of my favorite projects of all time, and I’ve already lost count of how many I’ve shown you on the blog!  I do know that this is my 3rd design of this type and I have loved them every time I’ve done one!  Remember my bee wreath rug I made for this porch?  It lasted 5 years before it finally needed to be replaced!  That means the cost came out to be around $5 per year of use.  I can handle that!  And since the rest of the porch needed a little freshening up too, I gave it a little help as well.  But first–the rug how-to!


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Just like for my other outdoor rugs in this style, I used THIS ONE from Home Depot.  It’s a nice 6′ x 8′ in taupe for only $17.87!



The only other supplies you’ll need: (some of these are affiliate links provided for your convenience)


The first step is to print out your initial pattern.  I simply typed out an R in a simple publishing program and enlarged it to print at the size I wanted.  As you can see, it took 6 pages pieced together to get my pattern, but then I just taped it and cut!



Next, I positioned the letter in the center of the rug and carefully traced the outline with a sharpie.  When outlining, be sure to use a color of marker or pencil that will not contrast with the color you will be painting.





After outlining, I taped off the border of the rug! I recommend basic painter’s tape that will adhere well to the rug.  I used this special type this time and it didn’t want to grip the rug like others I’ve used before, so stick with the basic blue or green and it should work just fine!  To get the border, I measured 7 inches all the way around, taping the line as I went.



Once the border is taped off, paint your initial with the latex paint of your choice and a small artist’s brush.  Because I have so much paint from other projects, I used some basic black that I already had, and it took a little over a half of a quart.  If your paint is thick, you can thin it down with a little water to make it go even farther.  Don’t forget to use a drop cloth under the rug in case some paint seeps through.



After painting your letter, use the roller to paint the border!


I worked my way around a couple times to get good coverage, then just removed the tape!



Let it dry for at least several hours, then you’re ready to use it!  I have found that these rugs work best if they are under some cover to protect from constant moisture.  And when they do get wet, they need to be able to dry out in the sun to prevent mildewing.

I love how this one turned out!  Especially with my new cushions and throw pillows.


(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


Speaking of which, my search for just the right cushions has delayed this little update.  But I finally found the right ones to fit my style! You know I’m all about black and white stripes, so when I spotted these seat cushions at Walmart, I fell in love with them.  They’re reversible with a medallion print on the opposite side.  And since I couldn’t find a custom bench cushion to fit my bench, I used 2 of the seat cushions and I love them!  Click here for the link to those.


I also found the perfect throw pillows to go with them at Kirkland’s! Find the link to the palm print here and the herringbone here.  Both are on clearance, so they may not last long!


And I still have my small folding tables that serve as a coffee table here on the porch.  Although these are no longer available, I found this style for a great price that comes in a ton of colors!



They’re perfect for putting your feet up and enjoying a cool summer drink!  Also great to hold a planter, and I found this one here with it’s matching tray and I love it!




(This post contains affiliate links which help to support this blog.)


In other porch news, my moss ball urns are still my choice of container plant since I first made them and gave the how-to for them here.


However, I have had to help them out a little bit since the birds have been having a ball helping themselves to the moss and leaving me with some bare spots.    I can handle it since it’s such an easy fix with a little hot glue and some reindeer moss. (I used this type here to patch them up.)  And I can’t forget about Penelope Palm over in the corner.  I introduced her to my Instagram peeps a week or so ago and I’m happy to say it’s going so far so good! (Fingers crossed because I really love her there!)




So, the front porch is ready for these last few weeks of summer and the rug will be ready for every other season as well!  As always, let me know if you have questions about the how-to and thanks for stopping by!