Placemats getting transformed into pillows have become a common occurrence around this house since I first tried it and posted about it here way back when.  And since it has been while since I’ve been struck with the mood to touch my sewing machine, the no-sew factor is even more appealing! Add a few tassels to the equation, and I’m totally sold.  That’s the short version of the story behind my new Kate Spade pillows for the breakfast room…

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Now here are all the details:  Just like before, I started with some cute placemats.  I found these Kate Spade On the Menu placemats at Marshall’s recently, but they’re also available here in more styles if you have a hard time finding them.


Remember, the key to making a pillow from a placemat is the double-layer of fabric.  This won’t work if the placemat is just one layer.  Step one is to separate a portion of the seam along the bottom of the placemat…


Next, insert your pillow form.  An insert like this one in about 12×16 size is perfect for most placemats, and you can re-use the insert over and over if you decide to change it up! After inserting the pillow, you can sew it back up, or choose the quick way I prefer, which is to hot glue it.  Just run a thin line of glue along the open seam and press closed!



In the past, that’s been all there was to it for this pillow how-to, but I decided to step it up a bit this time with some tassels! I used crochet thread for these, and this particular type I found at Hobby Lobby.



To make the tassel, I used a gum pack to wrap my thread around and keep my strands evenly cut!  You can use all kinds of things for this, depending on how long you want your tassel to be.  Just begin by wrapping the thread around as many times as it takes to get the tassel thickness that you want.



I wrapped my thread around 100 times, then cut the bottom edge of the loop straight across.



Next, make a hanging loop at the top with a couple more strands and tie it off.


Then, with another strand, tie a knot around the top of the tassel and then wrap it around several times to get the finished look.


Secure the loose end by tying it to the beginning tail of thread, then it’s done!



To attach to the pillow corners, I pulled out the hot glue gun again!  Just add a little dot of glue to the corner, let it cool for a couple seconds, then twist the hanging loop of the tassel a little and stick it onto the glue.  {No} sew simple!



This black and white one says, “What’s on the menu?”, and since my kids ask me that question constantly, it’s totally appropriate here!





These pillows are easy and fun to make!  Hope you have some fun with them.  See the list below for other items sourced from this space!

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