So, it’s been a year of huge life events. The hard kind that take you to the edge and make you fully dependent on no one but God…so you can realize that’s exactly the point. And when these things happen, some people sink into quiet contemplation, but people like me talk it out, type it out, shout it out or write it out. So, that’s what I’ve been doing.

The main thing on my mind this morning is how I drove away from a college campus yesterday, waving good-bye to my son in the rear-view mirror and how this house is quieter today than it’s ever been. And I want to take a minute to say that all your kind comments and support yesterday on my Facebook page means so very much to me. I know so many of you have already done this brave thing and lived to tell about it, and it helps to have you pulling for me.

But I’d been preparing for that day. I knew it was coming. And since my kids are often the main audience for most of my outpourings of thought, I had to do one last project for my son as he left home for the first time. It’s a little green book of wisdom. I’ve been working on it for a while now, putting it together so he can have it to refer back to in the face of life.

It’s a combination of my own words, some favorite photos, and a hundred or so of my favorite quotes I printed from my Things I Know For Sure board on Pinterest. (Yay, I actually did something with it!)

It’s a little book for the next phase… The phase where he becomes a little less dependent on his parents, and we all become much more dependent on God.

I could’ve probably filled 10 books with daily reminders and advice for life… but the Lord reminded me as I worked on this book: this isn’t the end. No need to try to cram another lifetime of lessons into a few pages. And it’s not really Dave and I coming to the end of the path and saying, “God, he’s all Yours now.”

He’s been God’s all along. Whatever work we’ve done as parents to help him be who he’s meant to be is really just God working through us. So, it’s not over. I don’t have to panic that he might make a mistake. I have to accept that he will. But even that will help him become who he needs to be.

So if you have words for your kids, write them out, print them out, or whatever, but don’t forget to pray them out, too. It does more for all of usthan any otherexpression of all our words–andsome of us have a lot ofthem!