So, it’s absolutely true that time flies. My son, Grant, was only 12 when I started this blog. I’ve shared with you his 13th Birthday Amazing Race Party from way back when, his Super 16 Superhero party, all the way up to his recent Graduation Party and more. Some of you have been here so long you were around when I made over his room in the Vintage Academia Sports theme. Remember how that turned out?

Well, the day I’ve been dreading for so long has finally come and he’s actually leaving for college. (Seriously, is this really happening?) And I’ve decided to deal with it by making over his room again. I’ve also done the college dorm decorating stint and come just short of ruining his life by making it look like it was PB Teen-perfect. I had to stop somewhere.

But, yes, I’ve also just put the finishing touches on his room at home…

We kept several elements of the room from before, but we did exchange the twin beds Santa brought when he was 5 years old for our old queen bed from the storage room. Along with that came a new mattress and bedding. I found a super deal on the duvet set here on Amazon. (It comes in a ton of colors and it’s super-soft!) And the sheets are these from PB Teen. The striped throw is from Crate and Barrel, but unfortunately no longer available. The striped pillow covers are from Hobby Lobby, and the City Skyline pillow tutorial is the one I posted here!

The bookshelves are the Threshold Carson style in Midtone Cherry we found here at Target. They turned out to be a great match with the bed and they’re perfect for holding all his books and collectibles.

The gallery wall wood and metal shelf was a recent find from Hobby Lobby, as were a few other items on the wall.

And the USA chalkboard we made 5 years ago is still in its place over his desk. Click here to see that original tutorial and download the pattern!

Okay. So there it is. And, yes, there may be a little bit of denial going on here, but it’s how this mom is dealing with a first child leaving home. Decorating is my love language. And I love this kid very much.

I’ll will make it. I will. Who else is in my shoes right now and how are youcoping?