There are days on this blog when I write about chalkboards. Y’all know I can go overboard about that. And I write sometimes about parties. I can be a little overkill there, too. But, when I write from my heart about people I love, I never, ever do them justice. I’m just not a good enough writer for that. But, today I’ll attempt it again, because certain life events can’t be passed over without a few specials words, howeverinadequate they may be.

If you’re from the South, you most likely have a Mamaw. Mine has been a big part of my life since the day I was born, and I had to say good-bye to her a few days after Christmas. So, it’s been an emotional start to the New Year for our family so far. Sad, because I’m going to miss this sweet smiling face for awhile. But also very happy, because I know, at this moment, she’s in Heaven with people she has missed for a long time, loving on them and being loved back. And probably baking up some biscuits or one of her other famous recipes.

She cooked her heart out for her family. That’s one of the ways she loved us so well. She’d say, “Y’all eat, now!” even when we had stuffed ourselves sick. She knew everyone’s favorite foods and made them exactly how we liked them. And thanks to my fabulous Aunt Kandi putting together a recipe scrapbook for all the grandkids years ago, we have a collection of some of Mamaw’s favorites in her own writing.

So, in her honor, I’m sharing Mamaw’s sausage ball recipe today. She made these for us many times. They’re simple, but delicious. You may have made these before, but it’s a great classic that everyone should have on hand.

I’m going to miss this lady. She was one of my biggest fans throughout my entire life. When Dave and I were building our first house years ago, she was so proud we thought she would burst. She probably even thought this sunflower dress looked good on me. (What was I thinking?!)

She would squeeze us to death with her hugs and cry every time we left.

She was a wonderful Christian, and because she left no doubt about that, we have the promise of Heaven and seeing her again. And until that day, we will love her from a distance, repeat her famous phrases, bake her recipes, and speak of her influence on us. And if I live to have grandkids of my own, I hope I’ll be just like her.