Wow! What a busy holiday season it has been for this family! Lots of company coming and going, a few other things I’ll catch you up on later, and then, boom! School started back today. I wasn’t really ready for it, but then again, I rarely am.

Like many of you, I’m focusing now on decluttering and getting things back to order, so it’s a good day to tell you about our fabulous new trash can!

Recently, Build.comoffered to send me a new stainless steel trash can, and since ours was needing to be replaced, I was happy to accept! And ever since it arrived, we’ve been loving it!

It’s the Nine Stars brand, 13.2 gallon, and it has an infrared motion sensor, so no more need to use your hands or step on a pedal to open! You just wave your hand or an object over the sensor andvoilá! Our friends and family who have been visiting us recently kept gathering around to see it in action, and my little niece said she loves how it opens and closes “auto-magically”.

I love that it has the wide oval opening to hold large objects, and when you change out the bag, you just slip the top of it over a ring to keep it in place. Plus, it keeps the edge of the bag hidden! The kids are actuallywanting to be the one to take out the trash! Not sure how long that will last, but Ilove it!

Now is a great time to spruce up the kitchen with a shiny new trash can! And with 30% off the retail price, it’s a fabulous deal! Click here to order and to see all the other great products has to offer!

Bigthanks to for sponsoring this post and for theawesome shiny new trash can!