If lamp makeovers were an Olympic sport, I would have to step up to the challenge, because, for one thing: I love a good lamp re-vamp. And secondly, it wouldn’t require months of training in a gym. It’s the perfect kind of sport for me. And right now, in my Master Bedroom re-do, I’m totally going for gold.

You might remember my first makeover of this $5 lamp from goodwill. I started out with Bronze. (Ok, brass.)

And then, it was the Silver. (Read more about that here.)

And, now, it’s all about the Gold. And the navy, of course.

Just like the first time I made this lamp over, it only took a little spray paint (I used my favorite Krylon Gold Foil spray) and some navy grosgrain ribbon glued onto the shade and it was done. For afraction of a can of paint and a $2 spool of ribbon, I’d say it was a great deal.

Moving on to my next event, I tackled our bedside lamps by simply replacing the old shades with some new ones.

Nothing expensive, of course, just some plain white drum shades found on clearance at Target for $4.98 each.

And, going for the gold once more, I added a couple of stripes to them with a little hot glue and some gold metallic bias tape from Hobby Lobby.

And speaking of biased, if I were a judge in this “competition,” I’d have to say I nailed it.

{Never mind that frame with no picture in it yet. I’ll get to it.}

And since the first two “events” went well, I decided to go for gold a third time and tackle the chandelier shade. Because I didn’t want to fool with taking it down, I got resourceful and climbed the ladder and stuck the bias tape on with sticky tack. Oh, yes, I did.

It worked like a charm and since it hasn’t fallen off in several days, I’m thinking it’s going to hold just fine. (Fingers crossed.)

So, those are the results of the Master Bedroom re-do so far. Hope you like it! Stay tuned for more event coverage and more ofthe room revealed when I can get to it.

Meanwhile, are you going for gold? What’s your event?

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