Here we are about 8 weeks into the year and I think I’ve been averaging about one big project per week so far!  This has to slow down at some point because neither my bank account nor blogging schedule will be able to keep up! The big paint job from last week is now complete, I’m loving it, and I’ll share the post on the finished work as soon as I have a chance to do some photos and put it together!  But for now, I’m finally sharing the reveal of our master bedroom refresh!  Just a little reminder of the bedding we’ve had for the past 6 years…

And now the new look—

You’ll probably notice several similarities that reflect my taste, but still an updated version of it! 

Find all the sources and details in the links below, many of which are my affiliate links which help to support this blog…

Striped Duvet and Shams

White Fur Pillows

Leaf Print Pillows

Yellow Velvet Pillow- (from TJ MAxx)

Striped Bolster Pillow (Custom one I made)

Citron Peacock Duvet


Similar Curtains (originals discontinued)

Wall color: SW Nebulous White

Yes, the green garland is still here!  I’m keeping it for just a while longer because now it just feels like Spring!  

And for a little life hack, I had to plump up the corners of my Euro shams just a little because these new ones were just a slightly bigger size than my old ones.  So, I grabbed a bag of polyfil and stuffed the empty corners just a little to give them a fuller look! Here’s how they looked before…

And here’s the after!

Just a little tip if you run into that problem with any of your pillows!  

I am a huge fan of white bedding and I’m not sure that will ever change!  But I also love to layer on the patterns and colors as well.  Just like my last set, I added the extra duvet folded on the bottom of the bed for texture and interest, And I do the same for all the beds in the house.  I usually choose a duvet size that’s a size down from the actual bed size, and in this case the accent duvet is a queen with a lightweight poly comforter inside so it’s not too full and high when folded.  I love this peacock duvet, by the way!  So soft and comes with 2 shams as well!

So this room is definitely ready for Spring, and the rest of the house is well on its way!  I hope you like this new look and it leaves you feeling inspired!  Let me know if you have questions and I’ll try to answer!!