1. You have a really great laugh.
2. You have a strong personality, but a tender heart.

3. You’re a mama’s girl.

4. You’re a daddy’s girl.

5. You know the Lord has big plans for you and you will do what it takes to accomplish them.
6. Your glorious red hair that was quite unexpected, yet so definitely “you”.
7. Your drive to try new things and your tendency to be good at them all.

8. You’re a team player.

9. Your talent for playing the piano & your determination to only get better.
10. You’re a great sister to your siblings.

11. You know what it means to be a great friend.

12. You take initiative to help out at home and {usually} do your chores without a complaint.

13. You are not an ordinary girl.

Happy 13th Birthday, Abby!
We love you!