Honestly, I had no business working on new fall wreaths today. #1 Because I’m in the middle of planning a big birthday party that’s happening at my house in two days & #2 because it’s not even September yet.
But since I suffer from O.C.C.D. {Obsessive Compulsive Creativity Disorder}, I got an idea & had to get busy on it.
I wanted to veer from the traditional fall colors this time & go with something different. Something that makes me happy. Something I love like, oh I don’t know…black&white, maybe? I believe black&white can be used for any season, & I have big plans for it this fall. {Read more about my love for Black&White here.}

I love the look of book pages on wreaths, so, I headed to Goodwill for a 49¢ book, then picked out a few black&white scrapbook papers, & got to work cutting out some leaves with this template I found.

And then, because these were going on an outdoor wreath, I rubbed them down on both sides with a candle to (hopefully) water-proof them against the damp autumn weather. (I learned about this method on the internet so it has to be true, right?)

I also picked out a grapevine wreath that was nice & twiggy, then wrapped a couple of 2″ wide strips of burlap around it.

Then, I just got glue gun-happy & stuck on the leaves wherever the mood struck me.

Just like I envisioned it!

And since I was on a roll, I decided to embellish them just a little more with a couple of little signs.

Since the wreaths & paper are both 50% at Hobby Lobby this week, the total cost for each of these wreaths was under $5.
And now they’re on the front door! Even if it does make me the only one in the neighborhood who thinks fall starts in August.

Hope y’all like them! And maybe it will inspire some of you who are looking for fall ideas. This wreath could easily be made with more traditional fall colors as well!

P.S. Everytime I post about my wreaths I get questions asking how I hang them, so here’s the scoop: I always hang them with a ribbon, looped through the middle of the wreath. Then, I use a staple gun to staple it to the very top of my wood door. (If you try this, make sure the staples are totally flush so they don’t scratch the door frame when the door closes.)

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