Were you here for the discussion the other day about Refinisher’s Reluctance & how it’s sometimes hard to distress furniture once it’s painted? (If you missed it, you can read about it here.) As I suspected, I’m not alone in this feeling. Several of you shared your own experiences of how hard it is for you to take your perfect painted finishes & purposefully make them im-perfect.I couldn’t bear to distress my previous headboard because it begged me not to. But my latest one was different. This one insisted on it. It knew it wasn’t perfect & wasn’t even going to try to pretend otherwise. And so she was an ideal candidate for distressing.Here’s how I found her at an estate sale in Atlanta a few weeks ago (yes, I’ve even started going to estate sales when I’m out of town if the opportunity arises):I actually like the shade of green she was, but it looked as though she’d been left out in a garage or storage shed because she was pretty dirty & even had a little mildew. My brother-in-law, a wood-working guru, suggested I use this:You just mix a little with water, following the instructions on the packaging. Then, scrub down your piece with a brush. You will need to take precaution & use gloves, etc., but the results are great!After my headboard dried out well, I brushed on a couple coats of Sherwin Williams’ Quicksilver (the same paint I used for this project). Then, it was time for the distressing. I should mention that if I had taken the time to thoroughly sand & smooth down this piece, the weathered finish wouldn’t have been so necessary. But, I didn’t and so it was. (See how the original layers of painted brushstrokes show thru?)I started out with a coat of gray glaze by mixing the glazing medium with some plain ‘ol gray craft paint. Yes, you can do this. The amount of paint required is so insignificant, it’s not necessary to use a high-quality paint for this step.I just brushed it on liberally & then wiped off what I wanted to remove…After that was dry, I just sanded the edges & the original green paint showed through beautifully in some areas.That was it!I think she likes her little makeover. If I were keeping her, I’m thinking I might’ve liked to stencil on a little French something-or-other, maybe even add something like this image I found for sale on etsy:Wouldn’t that be adorable? You can find this digital image & other great ones like it for sale here.Meanwhile, if this doesn’t sell soon, I may just talk my self into adding the crown.Sharing this makeover with a few of these sites.