There’s been a lot of drama around here lately. No, it’s not because I have 3 girls. Recently, it’s been due to our new family project of bird watching. I know. It sounds wildly exciting. But, really–you’d be surprised.I should start at the beginning. Before we moved to this house, we really didn’t think much about birds–unless you count the fact that we did have the largest bird nest known to man in our attic at one point, but that’s a whole other story. But, when we moved into this house, we were amazed at the types of birds we were seeing in our yard all the time. And so, last year, we decided to put out a bird feeder and try to invite more & get a better look. Then, we bought bird books and better binoculars so we could actually identify them. My husband started researching how to make birdhouses to attract specific species of birds. And before I knew it, we became real live bird watchers. Even Lola can already spot an American Goldfinch & tell you the difference between a male & female Cardinal.And I guess I should also mention my little bird feeder project. This Spring we wanted to add another feeder, so I went as far as to make a really cute one for our deck. Lily & I spent one afternoon dismantling a little “bird gazebo” from Hobby Lobby & using the parts to combine with a liter water bottle to create just the look we wanted.Cute, huh?The only problem was, it turned out to be one of those less-than-perfect projects and the next morning, here’s what I found:And that is why you never saw a tutorial on the project.So, we opted to go with this cute store-bought version & the birds have been loving it. We re-filled our other feeder as well, & now it’s like Bird Central Station around here. They literally ate up all the seed in this feeder in one day.We’ve got birds galore. But, there has been a little trouble in Bird Paradise. Apparently, the squirrels got the memo as well that we’ve been putting out the bird seed buffet & yesterday, I heard screams coming from my kids as we walked into the house. I only wish I had a picture to share, but all I saw was a contorted squirrel who was hanging by one foot off the edge of the deck as he stretched his acrobatic self across to the dangling bird feeder. I was actually so impressed that it took me a minute to remember to scare him off. And now my husband, because of his devotion to our feathered friends, has assumed his Squirrel Terminator role & has informed me that he has left the BB gun loaded and ready for me to take action from the perfect stake-out position at laundry room window. As if.But, wait–there’s more. As I was inside the house yesterday, I received a call from my husband who was outside the house, telling me in an exasperated voice that I need to “get out here & see this”. From his tone, I could tell he wasn’t looking at a new rare species of bird at the feeders. And when I arrived, I found him less-than-thrilled about the fact that along with all the beautiful birds who have stopped by for a visit lately, we have been also been visited by a woodpecker, who has decided to leave his mark on one of our posts under the deck. Oh, the irony. Note the position of the bird feeder dangling just a few feet above the said damage. I have no idea if the woodpecker was attracted by the bird seed or not. Any woodpecker experts out there? Whatever the case, my husband is now on a new mission to find a way to deter the woodpeckers without scaring off the other birds.Meanwhile, I’m just hoping this bird watching hobby hasn’t gotten us in over our heads. I’ll keep you posted!Have you entered my DaySpring Giveaway yet? Time’s almost up! Click here before you miss out.