I’m spoiled. And so are my kids. And so are you. And your kids. I know this first of all because I’m typing this as I sip my super-yummy coffee, wearing my super-cozy zebra jammies in my super-cozy home. And because you’re reading it in yours. And we both know that’s only the beginning.I have personal friends who live in a third world country who have far less than this, and still they’re so happy. I don’t recall ever hearing them whine or complain. And yet it happens in our house daily. And from what I’m reading on some blogs, it’s happening in other houses, too. I get all over my kids for doing it, yet I turn right around & do it myself sometimes. I’m kinda over it. So that’s how this project came about. I call it our Blessings Board. Sounds a little cheesy? Maybe. But I have to say, it’s harder to complain when you have so many things to be thankful for staring at you in black & white. It’s our family list of things we’re thankful for. We each wrote some things we recognize as our blessings. The kids love it. And Lily (age 7) said it’s really our prayer list of things we need to thank God for. It made me so proud & so ashamed at the same time, since I hadn’t thought of that myself. Ours will stay up thru Thanksgiving, and we’ll change the list out each week. I hope it changes us, too.I’m posting the instructions here in case you think your home needs one of these.I started with this thrift store framed dog picture (precious, I know) and carefully removed the glass & spray-painted the frame black. Let me emphasize that anytime you are removing glass from a frame that you be really careful & use gloves if you have them because the edges can cut you. Trust me. After that, I cleaned the glass really well & got ready to add the letters & numbers. I found these stickers at Hobby Lobby & there were enough of each letter or number that I only needed one pack of each! (Such a blessing.) A good way to apply the letters in straight lines is to make some “guidelines” by sticking painter’s tape on the back of the glass & measuring or leveling to get a straight line. Once I stuck on all the letters & numbers, I added some burlap in between the glass & the backing & then put it all back together.For just a little more detail, I added 3 layered fabric & burlap flowers & hot-glued them to the glass. That’s it! You can write on it with regular dry-erase markers or these great Bistro Chalk Markers (also at Hobby Lobby. Use your 40% off coupon & get them for $6!). Count your many blessings,Name them one by one…I’m also sharing this with a few of these people. Check them out!Visit thecsiproject.com