In my opinion, one of the best ideas of this century that combines functionality and style in almost any home is the ever-popular chalkboard label. I so love a good label. I’ve tried very hard to outgrow my OCD tendencies since I’ve had kids, but it’s true that a well-organized pantry helps me sleep so soundly. And few things warm my heart like seeing that the kids remembered to put their socks and undies in the proper drawer. And quite frankly, neatly-labeled bins in the playroom make me a better person.

And I know some of you out there can totally relate. That’s why I had to share one of my latest ideas: chalkboard labels you can make yourself. I love functional crafts that are quick, cheap, and easy, and this one is all three!

All you need are some of these wall plates {found in the electrical aisle of your hardware store with the outlet switch plate covers}, some chalkboard spray paint, and some ribbon of your choice.

Did I mention these plates are like 39¢? And there’s no need to drill holes! They’re great!

The first step is to lightly sand the plates to rough up the surface. I let my prep department handle this…

But, if you don’t have a prep department, you’ll need to do this yourself. Then, wipe them clean and give them a few coats of the paint. (I use this one from Krylon.)

Once they’re good and dry, just thread your ribbon through the holes and through your basket or bin and voilá! You’ve got a super-cute chalkboard label.

It’s amazing how a label on a toy crate can make the toys so much more fun to play with!

I know this makes some of your hearts skip a beat. You know who you are. Just imagine how great these would be on a basket tied on with twine!

And if you can’t get enough of chalkboards, check out my other chalkboard projects here.