{credit}I’ve been spending a lot of time sifting through last year’s clothes lately, trying to sort out what’s going to consignment, what’s going to Goodwill, & what just needs to be trashed, which reminded me that I haven’t watched “What Not to Wear” in a while. Thank you, TLC, for giving us Stacy & Clinton to provide quality entertainment & helpful information on what we should & should not wear. I mean, who doesn’t love watching a poor unsuspecting soul who has no idea that they look absolutely terrible become transformed into a well-dressed, respectable member of society? People are wearing ridiculous things, but with a little common sense (& Stacy & Clinton), we don’t have to be those people. All we have to do is learn to choose the right pieces & we’ll look great. Or at least we can try.Well, I recently realized that there are some guidelines to follow for our “spiritual wardrobe” as well. I was in a ladies’ meeting this week where my mom was the speaker. She spoke about things we wear as Christian women. But she wasn’t talking about clothes, but rather our attitude & our demeanor. Our model is that ever-stylish Proverbs 31 woman. What’s she wearing this fall? The same thing she wears every season, because it never goes out of style. “Strength and honor are her clothing…”, says Proverbs 31:25. She checks her reflection against the person of Christ. She’s the picture of a classy, refined woman who knows what looks best on her and is never seen wearing anything less. But, as my mom mentioned, so many of us, rather than choosing to wear that Strength & Honor, put on our “cheap trinkets” of Anger, Fear, Insecurity, Pride, Greed, Jealousy, and all those other ones you & I both have in our closets. We walk out of the house looking ridiculous because we put on the wrong thing without stopping to check if it was really what we should be wearing. And today when I was driving down the road & kids were whining & someone cut me off & the frustration started escalating, I caught a glimpse of myself in the rear view mirror & thought, “Oh, great. I left the house wearing my cheap trinkets again.” I don’t want to be caught doing that. I wouldn’t wear tacky clothes so why do I wear tacky traits? I love clothes & accessories. {Those of you who’ve toured my closet are shouting “amen!”} But, this season (and from now on) I’m praying I can get rid of all my cheap trinkets & just wear the things that look best on me. And I want my kids to learn this as well because they’ve got cheap trinkets, too. Unfortunately they come in all sizes.So, what will you be wearing this fall?tuesdays unwrapped at cats